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Cater Depot Warehouse – Product Illustration

Cater Depot Warehouse fabricates many of it’s own products, as well as builds customized catering trucks for clients. These products and projects were all digitized/simplified in an illustrative look to help the clients see just how every piece fits in. I would photograph these pieces at the angles I needed to then bring them within Illustrator and simplify them.

These illustration were used on the website, in the catalog, and for custom order forms, making CDW stand out amongst it’s competitors that either didn’t have anything like this to offer the client to look at or only had photographs of different custom jobs, not giving the client’s ideas enough room to breathe. These illustrations mixed with the custom order forms designed really helped up their custom orders.

Project Details

  • Product Illustration
  • Mechanical Photography
  • Mechanical Illustration
  • Photography
  • Photograph Manipulation
Launch Project

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