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Cater Depot Warehouse – Web Forms

Cater Depot Warehouse had me create multiple custom order forms, using pieces built from recent product illustrations I had created for them as well, they wanted these included on the website so that customers would be able to print them off and send them in, or download them, fill them out, and email them over to us, really whatever they were moist comfortable with. These worked out fairly well, but there was a lot of misunderstanding in how to get these sent in and all of the steps involved kept some customers from using the order forms.

Because of this, we wanted to create something that the customer could view on whichever device they happened to have and fill out the complete form and have it sent directly to us. So I used the previously created forms and built them in to web forms that make the entire process a few keystrokes and a simple “SUBMIT” button later and it is done, along the way there are warnings in the form of pop-ups that make sure the form is unable to be submitted until they complete the entire form. Once they hit submit, an email is sent to our orders email and a confirmation sent to the customer, both emails have a link to the form saved to one of our servers.

Later I also added a custom measurement calculator for any customers who wanted to do quick conversions or those who use the metric system. As well as a pop-up that directs the customer to the web form when they add one of these products to the cart, this way making sure the customer is able to give us everything we need to immediately get started on their custom order.

Project Details

  • Web Design
  • Custom Coding
  • Java/Jquery
  • Custom Order Forms
  • Customer Workflows
  • PHP
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