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Cater Depot Warehouse – Website

Cater Depot Warehouse has gone through several face-lifts in regards to their website design, upon my hiring, I was a constant part of all of those. The final product, which you can see now at caterdepot.com involved myself and coder working together to bring custom functionality and branding characteristics together to give CDW a website that stands above the rest.

Before and after the hiring of the website coder, I was in charge of every change and customization needed. The coder we brought in did most of the heavy-lifting in getting us to where we currently are, but I was quickly brought back in to give the site many new options that other sites do not currently have.

One of these being the ability to screenshot your cart/checkout and having it emailed to our orders email account, as well as a confirmation to the buyer. This became a necessity when many customers would have issues figuring out the steps involved in submitting an order, they tended to be customers that didn’t often use technology or possibly had out-dated software or browsers.

This tool is not on every website, it has worked beautifully to keep building our customer relationships and growing the word of mouth for new customers.

Feel free to go give it a shot at caterdepot.com

Project Details

  • Web Design
  • E-Commerce Management
  • CSS
  • Custom Coding
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
Launch Project

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