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House Sadness – Waveform Clip – Cork Board

House Sadness the Podcast wanted a unique way of posting audio clips without it just being static, boring imagery. I built them several different scenes which have audio waveforms built in to each design and a place to add in the episode image.

This design is built around a teenage girl’s cork-board, adorned with little notes, buttons, mementos from all of the things they are currently into. Every single piece/token is in some way a reference to either the podcast or fitting towards the unique scene’s characteristics. All of this gives the listener/viewer the opportunity to see the audio playing whilst also continuously explore the imagery for inside jokes and winks at the podcast and episodes.

Project Details

  • Branding
  • Social Media Posts
  • Audio Editing
  • After Effects Design
  • Photography
  • Photograph Manipulation
  • Unique Design
Launch Project

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