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MOIST Clothing & Junk – Website

MOIST Clothing and Junk is an incredibly unique clothing brand and it’s website needs to match. I’ve gone with quite the simple design, bringing a dripping border around each product photo, keeping things nice and moist.

There has been some custom coding worked within this shopify theme as well, allowing small stickers to show up next to certain products with specific tags within them (pictured). If the item is not made in house, it is tagged Third Party and when these products pages are opened, a nice little sticker pops up illustrating this fact.

A lot of sites include quite boring information pages, Returns & Exchanges, Shipping, About Us, Contact Us, Process, and so on. I wanted to bring a bit more character in to these pages, so I custom designed each one to fit this lovely, yet haggard clothing brand and all of it’s designs.

You can get a much better idea if you just go visit MOISTJUNK.COM

Project Details

  • Web Design
  • Shopify Theme Customization
  • Custom Coding
  • Branding
  • HTML/CSS/Java
  • Unique Design
Launch Project

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