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MOIST Clothing & Junk

MOIST Clothing and Junk has been my moist favorite outlet for creativity since I started it back around 2016. This company provides me with all the opportunities I need to create every idea that pops in to my head, whatever muse is currently whispering in my ear, or however weird and funky I want to get with products/projects where I may not be able to do so anywhere else.

Though the subject of design can often be far from one another, jumping from one project to the next, from hot-dogs to baby yoda, if you look at all of the designs the consistency is there. Thats same simple and lovely weird.

Creating products for MOIST has helped connect me to those with similar mindsets, sense of humor, and lovely sense of weird and funky, always excited to create and connect more.

MOIST Clothing and Junk, not always the moist marketable, but always the moist memorable.

Project Details

  • Logo Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing Material
  • Products
  • Stickers & Buttons
Launch Project

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