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When the Timesuck podcast was first getting it’s feet, Dan Cummins hired me to help with the first design of the logo, create images for the website, and to customize and teach him how to get keep up with the website and everything tied to it.

Initially the podcast was aimed more at going online and finding yourself in a Timesuck, from link to link to link before realizing how far you’ve gone and how long you’d been traveling. I reached out to illustrator Bryan Smith to help with the artwork for the logo, he provided me with the image I was looking for to then digitize and bring the logo to life. Bryan created an illustration, that even when viewed as a thumbnail, you could tell that it was Dan being blasted by the Suckage of Time. From there it was finding a fitting font and then, as the podcast evolved, creating web banners to match.

Since this time, Timesuck has a new team of designers working on everything needed for marketing, branding, and etc. They are really doing a fantastic job and have given Timesuck such a unique and engaging identity, matching Dan completely. If you’re looking for a new podcast, pop them ear-peepers on Timesuck

Project Details

  • Logo Design
  • Web Banners
  • Typography
  • Project Completed: 2017
Launch Project

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