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Cater Depot Warehouse – Catalog

Cater Depot Warehouse initially hired me on to help them build a brand-new parts catalog, this was in 2015. As we worked together, the team realized all of the different skills I possessed and the catalog quickly got pushed to the side and other projects took its place. After product photos, data-entry, e-commerce management, web-design, custom coding, brand new name and logo, etc, we got back to work on the catalog.

This catalog was never finished, it was an incredible endeavor for just one artist and a few members of the team that knew the products well. I spear-headed the entire project, providing detailed breakdowns of approximately 8,000 products from our warehouse and site; excel spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Gathering information and photos are two of the key elements in preparing for a catalog of this magnitude. Much of the work before we picked this project back up helped to make the preparation go as smooth as it possibly could; most of the photos had been taken, the illustrative look of some of the fabricated parts were finished, along with many of the orders forms and detail built in to the site. The intense amount of work put in to make the website what it is, was very much killing two birds with one stone. After months and months of design and work, we were close to finishing, but the steam ran out with the team and they decided to put the project aside and focus my work and attention on the website, in-store displays, and more.

Project Details

  • Catalog Layout
  • Product Photography
  • Product Illustration
  • Branding
Launch Project

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