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Citizen Mary

Mary Valentine has written a political memoir full of the candor and grit she was known for while serving in the state house for the people of Michigan’s 91st District. Anyone with an interest in politics, Michigan’s history, Michigan’s precious natural resources, or the importance of women entering politics would benefit from Mary’s inspiring story. ~~Margaret Willey, author and recipient of the 2011 Michigan Reading Association Gwen Frostic Award

In short, this book is about the Author going from teaching children to becoming a State Representative, the journey it took to get there, and what she accomplished once gaining the recognition she deserved.

The design of this book is all about her roots as a teacher. I created a blackboard/greenboard scene that illustrates her plan to join the ranks of representatives of Michigan’s 91st District in a way that holds on to the innocence of the start of her journey. “Today’s Assignment: State Represenative” is a light look at a huge goal ahead. The female stick figure leaning against the Michigan Capitol Building representing her finally achieving that goal and also envisioning it from the start, the stance showing how comfortable and in control of the entire situation she is, yet still a stick figure. All of the text on the cover in chalk as if she wrote it down herself in preparation.

The back of the book includes the same greenboard background along with a piece of chalk and eraser, the tools in which she used to plan her rise to representative on the cover.

Project Details

  • Book Cover Design
  • Project Completed: 2014
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