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The Sixth Wave

The Sixth Wave follows the spiritual journey undertaken after the main character, Jim Rainey, undergoes a near death experience. During that time he is told we must become those we have hurt.  As a part of his search into what that cryptic message means, he embarks on a series of past life regressions–each a story of its own. After his spiritual counselor advises him that focusing on and helping others is an important step in any spiritual journey, he makes an effort to reach out to others who need support.  As a result of his reaching out he is confronted first with a murderer, and then with the children of an alcoholic and abusive mother. Friends. neighbors  and associates get swept up in his search; an old comradeship is rekindled, and a new romance blossoms.  Each event becomes a milepost along the spiritual path.

The immediate eye-catching quality of this cover is fantastic, it is bright with complimentary colors, the title is very legible from a distance and it makes the reader want to pick it up to investigate it further. Which, upon further investigation they see several things:

– The Multiple Heads – which work as the seven different steps, but also represent the many different “faces” this man goes through in each of his regressions. These heads also come together and grow in to a mountain-like figure, which then leads your eyes to the background.

– The Mountains in the Background – these mountains really pop, the colors help the reader imagine the sun rising in the distance, the beginning of a long journey, or even a sunset, where the journey is coming to an end. It is open to interpretation and works well either way. These mountains also work in illustrating the journey(s) that take place within the book during the regressions, each one being a different challenge in their own right.

– The Wave Crashing – this wave crashing out, breaking through the layers of regressions & steps, showing such power underneath the layer above and yet brings a cooling color to compliment the warmth of the rest of the cover. Each wave crashing to shore, erasing what was once there and creating a brand new canvas for the next journey to come. The look creates a sense of layering, as if you were to look inside each regression and find a different wave crashing against the shore.

There is a lot of depth to this cover, not only in the layered design, but in it’s meaning as well.

Project Details

  • Book Cover Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Completed: 2018
Launch Project

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