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Too Busy for You?

Overworked – Over-extended – Exhausted – Concerned about the impact of running all day at full speed on your health? You can REINVENT YOUR LIFESTYLE and become calmer, more resilient and in control of how you live your life. This book will show you how to do all of that.

This cover shoves YOU in your face, first and foremost, bringing you and the question of you to the immediate attention of the viewer/reader. Upon closer inspection, once the book has been picked up off the shelf, they notice the fast-moving text asking the most important question (the title) “Too Busy for You?” Having “Too Busy for” spread across the entire cover, moving rapidly from side to side, brings a sense of anxiety/stress, whilst the 3D pop out of “YOU” forces you to slow down, stop yourself to read it and then move down to the subtitle. I believe I have captured the sense of busy-ness and calm battling one another, but “YOU” (are)is in the middle of it all and jumping off of not only the cover but the shelf and in to the viewer/reader’s hands.

Project Details

  • Book Cover Design
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Completed: 2018
Launch Project

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