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I Want to Age Like That

With this cover, I took note of her feelings toward what season she felt her book might be in the cover questionnaire. “…the promise of a new season, new day…clean slate, fresh start…”

I took this note a bit literally with the tree used in the photo. But I chose to use this photo because not all of the leaves are entirely changed; there is still a transition happening. The entire image is all about transition, the use of double-exposure in combining the photo of the woman and the photo of the trees brings this idea together very well. It is a beautiful picture on the top, but underneath you see that there are layers that you may have missed if you hadn’t taken a closer look. I believe this represents what this book is all about and the feelings some readers may have when purchasing/reading this book.

I made this cover very eye-catching and “artsy”, yet trying to keep a slight tinge of professional style as well with the text. I tried to make it as intriguing as possible while also having an inviting feeling to get the reader to feel comfortable once the book was in their hands. It’s a great mix of styles, because I believe it will give someone the chance to pick up and book and investigate it without it screaming, “THIS BOOK IS ABOUT HOW YOUR BODY IS CHANGING BECAUSE YOU’RE GETTING OLDER!” Which could be a potential deterrent for some readers because it may be an embarrassing topic for some, or at least a topic that they don’t necessarily want broadcast across the store.

Project Details

  • Book Cover Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Graphic Design
  • Project Completed: 2017
Launch Project

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